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Mvslfxr Our Story

Welcome to Mvslfxr Clothing Company, where we pride ourselves on providing the best quality apparel. For this reason, we have chosen our printing partners which met our standards in quality and sustainability (To learn more follow links provided in our product descriptions).

At Mvslfxr Clothing we will always do our best to exceed expectations. This is why we have instituted an All-In pricing structure. The price you see is what you pay. All shipping and taxes have been included to simplify the checkout process. Due to our unique pricing structure, the ordering process will be as follows:

When you make a purchase, your order is then sent to one of our fulfillment partners that closely aligns with your geographic region. This is done to improve shipping times ( Refer to our shipping policy for more information). Your order is then cut, sewn and printed using our (DTG) Direct To Garment printing process. DTG Printing helps reduce our overall carbon footprint as well as wastewater production and the instance of unsold or overproduced clothing ending up in landfills as only garments that are ordered and purchased are manufactured.

Because of this process, Mvslfxr does not provide refunds as we do not warehouse any stock as mentioned earlier no garment or product is manufactured until it has been ordered. We ask that before finalizing your purchase ensure that all information and the product being ordered is exactly what you want.

Beyond that, we wanted to find a community of people that cared about the type of products they buy and how they are being made and to rid themselves of products that would end up in landfills. We're lucky to have found you and we're so glad you're here. Let's begin our journey.

To read more on our sustainability efforts with our POD (Print On Demand) Partner, please click here (You will be re-directed to our POD Partner Blog page)