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Mvslfxr About Us


Hello my name is Antonio Mete, I am the founder and owner of Mvslfxr Apparel. Before I go any further let's flashback to 1996, when a still good looking 34 year old decided a career change was due after 15 years in the family restaurant business. A chance encounter with a close friend who had recently moved back to the province of Ontario after 10 years set me on a path that would eventually become Mvslfxr Apparel.


It was at his prodding that I entered the Canadian College Of Massage & Hydro Therapy. I was accepted into the 18 month intensive training course.  I graduated and received my license to practice as a Registered Massage Therapist in August 1997. I went on to practice until September 2011, when I retired due to health concerns.


I spent the next 9 years in the Limousine Industry as a driver and company owner. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything changed for everyone. I ultimately lost my business but more importantly to date, I still had all my family members. In the summer of 2020 I had come across a business model that was exploding. The Print On Demand model was everywhere.


I decided to give at go, and with the help of a new ecommerce platform and having nothing but time this now 58 year old began yet another career change. That of online ecommerce entrepreneur. So, with that...Mvslfxr Apparel for the gym, fitness, health and wellness niche was born. I hope you enjoy our products. We are beginning with the Print On Demand Model and as we grow will move into other areas that will compliment our apparel business. 


Inclosing I would like to say welcome.


Welcome to Mvslfxr Apparel, where we pride ourselves on providing the best quality at a fair price. For this reason, we have initiated an all-in pricing method. The price you see is what you pay. All applicable taxes and shipping have been included in our price. To help facilitate this we have aligned ourselves with printing and fulfillment partners which meet our standards in quality and sustainability (To learn more follow the links provided in the product descriptions).


At Mvslfxr all of our apparel is made to order, which means;


When you make a purchase, your order is then sent to one of our fulfillment partners that closely aligns with your geographic region. This is done to improve shipping times ( Refer to our shipping policy for more information). Your order is then cut, sewn and printed using our (DTG) Direct To Garment printing process. DTG Printing helps reduce our overall carbon footprint as well as wastewater production and the instance of unsold or overproduced clothing ending up in landfills as only garments that are ordered and purchased are manufactured.


Because of this process, not all garments will look exactly the same. There be subtle differences in the colour look and feel which is dependent on the fabric it was printed on. Making each purchase made to order. 


Beyond that, we wanted to find a community of people that cared about the type of products they buy and how they are being made and to rid themselves of products that would end up in landfills. We're lucky to have found you and we're so glad you're here. Let's begin our journey.